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Hey LJ friends!
Things are alright.
2015 kind of sucked though.

I broke my ankle and dislocated my shoulder in a motorcycle wreck. I'm okay now.

I play Ingress to keep active and help extend the mind control fields for the Enlightened. It requires a Google+ account. Please message me for a recruitment email. PSA: It will drain your battery. Please make sure to have a 8000mAh or higher external battery budgeted before you get into it. My agent name is visualeyes.

I completed my guitar project. I'm learning on it now. I might be able to play something for you. My music page is at Breadboard Bakery.
Chicago, this weekend, May 15th.

I'm going. My cosplay will be Engineer from Team Fortress 2 again. This year, though, I will have a guitar.

I picked up the guitar and this time it stuck with me.

Yeah, that's me. And my amp.
Is it safe to come out yet? Is this place going to lose connection again?

Well I need some brainstorming.

The bike stopped running. I towed it to my house instead of the service station and now I'm hosed. I thought I could fix it, well, it's not the sparkplugs, it's not the battery, I have the sinking feeling it's a clog in the fuel lines cause I just found out the selector was on 'Reserve' for most of a tank of gas.
I'm entering a drawing for fuzzy ears from Fenrirs_Child!
Enter along with me at the link below!
Halloween parties, anyone?

Guess what I'm going to be 8)
Thanks. Depression for me is like any other sickness; when it's worst I want to keep to myself to avoid infecting you all, or worse, sounding like a cliche personified.

I think the fever's broken.

P.S. need to dance.
I can't handle this anymore. I'm convinced everyone hates me and no one actually wants to talk to me. This is wrong of me. But I can't stop. I haven't been talking to anyone online because I know you wouldn't want to talk to me. So if I never contact you it wouldn't oblige you to deal with a repulsive oaf like me out of necessity.

Please have a watch.


Your iPhone is tracking you. Of course you know that. It's using your GPS data to tell where you are on a map, on Twitter, Foursquare, whatever. The thing you didn't know is that it's kept as a text file on your phone, a PLAIN TEXT FILE, that has dates, times, and coordinates. This file is also copied over to the iTunes directory in any computer you sync your phone to. Anyone who can grab your phone can therefore sync that file to their device.



Michigan State Police have a device that extracts information from phones in 90 seconds, and they also routinely ask for phones at a traffic stop. They say they never extract this information without consent, but if they order you to hand over your phone, AND YOU GIVE IT TO THEM, that is consent to search your phone. You can exercise your 4th Amendment right and refuse until they get a warrant, but there will of course be consequences. Because only criminals know that much about Amendment IV. Am I right?
Coming soon to a jurisdiction near you.


The word you’re looking for in this article is “lie”.

He lied to the judge.

Matter, Error, Misstatement, Suggested, Suggesting, Admission, Misrepresentation, Misled.

These are all fabulous words, and congratulations for using them all, but the one word you did not use and should have used was LIE.

Thank you for your time.
Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.
-- John Steinbeck


Apr. 8th, 2011 06:30 am
My closet smells like soap again. Thank goodness.
Our old kitty, Sassy, had been locked in my room once, and crept in shame to the back corner of the closet when she couldn't hold it in any more. Then instinct led her to repeat the behavior. So I've given her an actual litterbox and cleaned it all up in there.

Soap? Oh yes, I'm a fan of Con*Tact caffeine soap. Just got a six-pack in the mail. My current bar is the Aeronaut, which smells like fine leather.

I went to Wondercon. It was balls-to-the-wall awesome. So many fans of sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, antihero, anime, and 4chan memes. Lots of hall costumes, excitement for the Thor and Green Lantern movies. I helped at the Professional registration booth, helping animators, writers, pencilers, and producers out with free badges. Yet even still there were many many people unsure where to go for paid registration, and the answer I gave for paid ticket vouchers was the mantra for all the staff the whole weekend: "Downstairs, and to the left." ommmm~

Hot Chicks in Spandex. (Mostly) body-appropriate costumes. )

I've become one of the iPhone having crowd. The Otterbox case is on its way, and I'm looking at the Magellan ToughCase with the RAM mount for use as a cycle-mounted GPS. Apparently all I have to do is sew a conductive thread through my gloves' fingertips and I'm good to go... however, that's also where the soft grip material is. How to use it without scratching? It's fun to have these kinds of problems to solve.


Apr. 2nd, 2011 07:49 am
Volunteering at Professional Registration at Wondercon at Moscone Center. Rockin' the staff badge, oh yeah. Please send texts rather than emails today to make sure they are read.
It sounds so wrong, if you're not one of the faithful:
We no longer have to wait a whole day for Newt Gingrich to flip-flop, because now, while fear-mongering during a speech at a religious conference, he did it in one sentence:
"I have two grandchildren: Maggie is 11; Robert is 9," Gingrich said at Cornerstone Church here. "I am convinced that if we do not decisively win the struggle over the nature of America, by the time they're my age they will be in a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists, and with no understanding of what it once meant to be an American."
I know, it sounds like he contradicted himself. Watch out for those religious atheists! But really, it's calculated to appeal to this audience, on several levels.

First is the "Christian or Hell" dichotomy. It's right along the lines of "Us and Them" and the Right is holding daily radio shows on who exactly "They" are and why we can never consider them part of "Us".
If you're evangelical or fundamentalist, the two terms "atheist" and "Islam" mean exactly the same thing:


Basically the formula is this: If people don't say "Jesus" in every sentence, you can be sure that these people are UNGODLY. And that equates the Unitarians with the Satanists. It says it doesn't matter if your only heresy is replacing your "prayers" with "daily affirmations" -- out comes the pointing finger of judgment! Shame! Shame on you to the end of your days!

The War on Christmas is the same thing. If you don't say "Merry Christmas" every time, you're REALLY saying go to hell with those other secular people! Might as well be saying "Hail Satan"!

The second interpretation of this Newtism is: Christianity is the only guardian of our uniquely American morality. If we don't prop up Christianity in every office of our government, then it will be replaced by a moral vacuum, which only Islam could rush in to fill. ("Godless Communism" was what we had to be vigilant against, in earlier versions of the same argument.) Atheism is impossible, in this world-view. You must answer "what religion are you?" and you CANNOT answer None of the Above because everyone will erase that answer inside their head and instead check one of the other religions for you -- which one doesn't matter, because if you are following ANY of the other religions, that makes you one of "Them".

Either way, it's patently anti-intellectual. Which makes it so shocking coming from a semi-retired professor. It grants equivalency to two different terms, and guarantees that if you're someone who loves language, you will be stuck explaining that "atheism" and "Islam" are opposites, before addressing the rest of the argument -- which of course makes you out to be nuanced. Heh, heh, heh.

Of course, you have to believe that you could learn a thing or two about morality from a serial adulterer who could never keep just one iron in the fire, and is on record as having fooled around during the Clinton investigations. Stay classy, Newt.
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Google has an idea.

First, scan all the books.
Then, put them up online.
Then, charge for hard copy reprints.
THEN, once the system is profitable, consider paying royalty claims to the rightful copyright owners!
And even better, let's not make any effort to locate them, and say the copyright owners have to bring their claims to us!

Not so fast, says the judge.


As I've said before, Google has a history of this.

They started crawling the web in 1997 to gather all their BackRub (PageRank) data. Then, they put up a FAQ saying "If you don't want your data searched, then just make a new kind of file called robots.txt and our servers won't index it."


What they don't say is that they had ALREADY searched your servers... and that's why you were reading that particular page at Stanford; because you just looked at your httpd logs and found that some program from *.stanford.edu requested ALL your web pages at one go! Including the secret web server that you NEVER posted any links to! All your content is already theirs! Finders keepers! If you didn't want everyone to see it you should never have put it in a WWW directory. :-P;;;
"5) I have a robots.txt file. Why isn't BackRub obeying it?
In order to save bandwidth BackRub only downloads the robots.txt file every week or so."

So yeah, when they say "Don't Be Evil", I laugh, because the company was founded on an evil program.
So lately I've been wondering about the way things are, and how most people act as if thy only ever had a singular goal or destiny. I have been worried about my job (universal among those of you who are lucky enough to have one).

Things are changing for the worse. We have people trying to alter the contracts that states made with their workers, pretending that it's a budgetary necessity to cut pensions and social security, basically trying to dismantle the New Deal. Michigan has a new law in place that does away with elected offices in impoverished counties, installs dictators to administer budgets, and outsource every government service to private enterprise, without any popular representation. If the law is ever enforced, it could lead to the entire state's government being declared federally unconstitutional.

It's fun to think that the military is considering proposals to run sock puppet accounts in foreign countries to give the illusion of consensus. It's nice that they promise they'll never do it to Americans or anywhere Americans can see it. that'll be handled by Homeland Security

For levity, and counting my blessings, I enjoy reading That's My Boss. That's the place to post anonymous stories about terrible bosses. It's interesting to note that no matter what the story is, no matter whether the manager asked for sex, or required the employee to do something dangerous, the first two comments are always "But he's your MANAGER; you HAVE to do what he says. I'm sorry I don't think you have a legitimate complaint." It's a damn job title! This is the U.S.A.; a boss is your team leader, he doesn't own your soul.

I can't tell whether the commenters on That's My Boss are merely sockpuppets from a think tank that wants us to believe that our lot in life is to submit to bad management... or if those are real people who've already been convinced.

And as always, if you have a weekend, health insurance, a pension plan, or a forty-hour work week... Thank a Union member!
I requested an icon from [livejournal.com profile] djinni and tipped the artist: