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So lately I've been wondering about the way things are, and how most people act as if thy only ever had a singular goal or destiny. I have been worried about my job (universal among those of you who are lucky enough to have one).

Things are changing for the worse. We have people trying to alter the contracts that states made with their workers, pretending that it's a budgetary necessity to cut pensions and social security, basically trying to dismantle the New Deal. Michigan has a new law in place that does away with elected offices in impoverished counties, installs dictators to administer budgets, and outsource every government service to private enterprise, without any popular representation. If the law is ever enforced, it could lead to the entire state's government being declared federally unconstitutional.

It's fun to think that the military is considering proposals to run sock puppet accounts in foreign countries to give the illusion of consensus. It's nice that they promise they'll never do it to Americans or anywhere Americans can see it. that'll be handled by Homeland Security

For levity, and counting my blessings, I enjoy reading That's My Boss. That's the place to post anonymous stories about terrible bosses. It's interesting to note that no matter what the story is, no matter whether the manager asked for sex, or required the employee to do something dangerous, the first two comments are always "But he's your MANAGER; you HAVE to do what he says. I'm sorry I don't think you have a legitimate complaint." It's a damn job title! This is the U.S.A.; a boss is your team leader, he doesn't own your soul.

I can't tell whether the commenters on That's My Boss are merely sockpuppets from a think tank that wants us to believe that our lot in life is to submit to bad management... or if those are real people who've already been convinced.

And as always, if you have a weekend, health insurance, a pension plan, or a forty-hour work week... Thank a Union member!


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