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Napoleon Dynamite.

It's a teen movie that was after my time. But I loved it because it was the weird world of rural America, where things slowly filter in, so you could only tell it was set in the 2000's because the thrift stores and D.I.Y. fashion had debris from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
Napoleon is a kid that's kind of forgotten; his grandmother provides him with living quarters and food, his parents are gone (we don't know why), and his adult brother Kipling is lost in his online roleplaying. So he's free to be weird, and free to follow his heart. And he doesn't have to "become more popular" to "win" his girlfriend. He's already perfect for her.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]No. I don't even have cable hooked up. And because of my work schedule, I fell asleep before the kick-off, and woke up hours after post-game. I drank a cup of coffee and walked to the office around midnight. Co-workers told me all about it, anyway.

I don't care about the commercials either. They pay for the whole sordid affair. I used to watch "just for the commercials" but then realized I was still watching TV for three hours.

I mean, I'm glad the Patriots lost, because they're a bunch of cheaters and bad sportsmen.

But even Tom Petty couldn't get me to watch.


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