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Well, I went shopping today in some of the really nice markets of Morgan Hill. Bought a half bushel of oranges for juice and a lot of brightly-colored vegetables for the first-day soup. Read more... )
I would like to state for the record that I am wearing my one and only pair of 36" waist dress slacks.

I never thought it possible.

I last wore these when I was in college.

I'm going to be somewhat sad to go back on regular food (mostly veggies with occasional meat, this time) and gain some back. But with workouts and natural food, in time I will be wearing these once more.

For Day 10, I have to make several pint-bottles ahead of time and stow them in a carry-on bag. I'll be breaking my fast on Day 11 with California organic veggies. :)
Master Cleanse, Day 8 )

People are worried about me. I'm FINE. This is not like a water fast. I'm energetic. I'm going to work and staying up all night. I feel better than I have in years. I go on power-walks. I can still kick your ass.
I'm doing great.

I've noticed that pimples are back with a vengeance. I'm passing toxins from my body through all routes, I suppose. Brushing my teeth twice, three times a day is key. Also, when I forget deodorant, it's pretty foul. I'll be drinking more water so I can sweat more freely, to help keep pimples from forming.

(Does anyone have any hints as to what's good these days to put on your face? Oxy-10 and Stridex pads were what I used when I was in high school. Still a winner?)

Smells are much more vivid. I walked downtown, fast enough to break a sweat, and noticed all the smells from the pizzerias and Mexican restaurants. I was able to identify the spices and the notes that it gave the overall scent, and enjoyed them thoroughly, but...the smell of food didn't make me hungry!

WOW! This is profound! I'm losing what I thought of as instinctive reactions. I'm an American. The smell of a good pizza is supposed to light up every pleasure receptor and make me want to devour a slice RIGHT NOW. My mouth would water, my stomach would churn. But now? It still smells good; it just doesn't immediately make the connection as "food!" in my brain.

Leaving the house, I picked up the wrong card, and handed the post office clerk a sales promotion card for "TLA Marketing Inc." (not sure about the letters), instead of the postal notification that tells me I have mail to pick up. D'oh.

Got a buzz cut at my favorite salon, but of course my hair is so fine that it gets pushed down by the clipper guards, so there are always a few dozen strays that spring out after the first shower. *snip-snip*

Back home and sleep. Blessed sleep. Interrupted only once by the need to use the bathroom.

My lower back and sides are hurting, and I know why. :) Since I've lost so much around my waist, I notice that I still slouch like I've got a huge belly. So I've been trying hard to straighten up and walk tall. Ow. Yay. Ow.
I'm at work.

I can't have any of this lovely food.

The smell of popcorn is driving me batty when I'm in the bar.
Part of my job is setting out fresh coffee.

So I'm sipping my peppermint tea and reminding myself that this is my choice, and I'm looking forward to the days of orange juice (handsqueezed!) and veggie soup.
"No food or drink outside the diet" means no caffeine. I just finished a four hour nap and feel surprisingly good about it. I'm sure that's part of the healing process... more rest whether it's wanted or not.
And it makes me glad that I'm able to get this over with and out of the way with my days off, before beginning work once more.

([livejournal.com profile] the_red_fez was right. As usual.)
bikerwalla: (Fuck it)
So help me, I'm doing this. I reserve the right to end it before it's done, and start eating real food again.

Master Cleanse, Days 0 and 1 )
I've read Rayce's account of the Master Cleanse detox and flush. It's made me envious of how good he feels. I also remember Neo Geen's journal entries about her visit to Korea, where it was possible to have cheap local produce every day -- and how, after coming back to the US, how chemical everything tasted.

And now I've found out where to find organic lemons. They taste fuller and richer, and the skins are only 1/8" thick. Regular lemons are much larger but most of that is the peel!

So I'm seriously thinking about doing it for a week... any hints or modifications I should consider?
I don't think of what I do as exciting. I forget to write in this box when "usual life" is happening.

I got a couple of nibbles from employment agencies, both for roving field technicians. Looks like the mileage allowance these days is $0.405 per mile. (40.5 cents) I'll be able to claim mileage to/from the sites as well as get paid an hourly rate for fixing computers. It seems like fun, and I've told them I'll be ready to interview in good conscience when I get the motorcycle.

I called the bike mechanic Monday. I got an answering machine, because apparently the shop isn't open on Monday. But he checked messages and returned my call, and he seemed goodnaturedly gruff about it when he said, "It's being worked on, and I'll call you when it's finished." I'm trying very hard not to be petulant about it. I know things WILL make it worthwhile in the end, and I'm still getting a hell of a deal on this.

I'm falling very hard for someone.
This makes things rather awkward when I realize I'm still in other relationships. Just because things are in "extended separation between dates" doesn't mean that I consider relationships in cold-storage, and I know I have a lot of work left to do. I don't want to be one of those guys who only seems interested in people right before a visit (or right before a con).

Algernon's been spending a lot of time at my place lately. It's been a real lifeline for me. I thrive on social contact, and what with not getting out much due to aforementioned lack of transportation, my moods have ranged from grey to black. But things have been fun.

I'm trying like hell to eat healthy and exercise. I have to realize that overall health comes first. Having a nice shape is secondary, and if I can't see my muscles today, I shouldn't fall into a slough of despond, nor should I go to Perkins and order the entire pie case. I think I'm doing alright with that. I look upon [livejournal.com profile] raycek with a mix of admiration and horror, realizing that he fasted for a week and then ran a mini-marathon until the starvation had psychedelic effects. I could never imagine myself doing that.

Mom's going through her second round of chemotherapy, after her second cancer surgery. I haven't had any problems compared to what she's been going through. I've been feeling completely helpless because of that; there is absolutely nothing, short of calling all the time, that I can do to help her through that. I can't keep her from hurting. I can't give her her appetite back.

Dad's been working on family history, and wants to get a website started some day. I've been hearing a lot of good stories come out of this. (And I thrive on storytelling.)

Good news soon, I hope.