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Feb. 24th, 2011

I turned my bathtub blue today.

It's been decades since I indulged in the workman's pleasure of shrinking my own pair of Levis 501's to fit. Everyone's ritual is different so I made my own. I soaked in a hot bath with them on, noticing my hands and feet already turning blue from the dye, then stood up under the bathroom's sunlamp and let them shrink. It was taking a while, and I had to sleep for work tonight, so I rolled the jeans up in towels. Then I cleaned up the tub and went to bed.

When it came time to wake up and go to work, I unrolled the towels and put on the damp jeans, then rode the motorcycle to work. Bit cold but I had synthetic layers underneath. And now I'm still sitting on towels to avoid getting indigo dye everywhere, but it looks like a success.

I had to roll up the cuffs a good four inches to keep from dragging them on the ground when I left. Just now I had to unroll them and the cuffs are the perfect length. I'm not sure I'll get used to the high waist though.

On the way home I'll get a gallon of distilled vinegar. Not to cook with! This stuff's only good for cleaning coffee makers and for setting dye into fabric. Yes, in the tub again. It'll keep it from turning all the laundry blue when it makes it to the wash.


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